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Personality in Pet Portraits

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Acrylic Painting

Pet Portrait Styles

eli white background.jpg
giraffe large.jpg

Watercolor Painting

Graphite Drawing

7 Steps

Step 1: Read the Art Commission Contract.


                        Click Me!


Step 2: Under the Shop button, go to Pet Portraits and choose a style. (Watercolor, Acrylic or Graphite)

Step 3: After you have selected which style of pet portrait, click on the first drop down menu to pick a size, then under the second drop down menu select how many animals will be in your painting.

Step 4: Place your order.

Step 5: Photos! Before sending photos, please view the examples provided for great quality animal photos. Once you have photos you like, email them to  

Step 6: After I receive your photo(s), two things will happen:

- I will email you a list of questions regarding your animal/ painting.

- I will email you cropped examples of how your painting will look and you will either choose one or decide to make changes.

Step 7: Once you confirm the look, I can start painting!  



A painting or drawing created from a photograph of your animal that represents them in your eyes. See their personality shine through in a work of art made just for you.

cat pilot.jpg


Whether it be a pilot hat, plaid bow tie or name tag you would like incorporated into your custom painting, it can be done! The watercolor painting above was created by merging two images together- a pilot hat and the cats photograph. 

leslie lady.jpg


Choose from a watercolor, acrylic or graphite portrait. Then pick the size you'd like!


Watercolor Paintings: Top row- 11x14 inches. Bottom row- 8x10 inches and 5x7 inches

Art Commission Contract

Please read through my Art Commission Contract before placing a pet portrait order. This contract was created to protect both parties involved, the Client and the Artist. If you would like a PDF copy, please send an email requesting a copy to If you have any questions regarding this contract, I am more than happy to answer any and all questions.

Click to view contract

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Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 7.43.26 AM.png

Watercolor Paintings Merged with Their Reference Photos

half jake half photo.jpg
half cloe half photo.jpg
half jesse half photo.jpg
half tina fey half photo.jpg
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