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Behind the Scenes

Here we take a dive into how I make my paintings, drawings, clothing and ceramics. I take you on mini tours of my work space and you will see the materials I work with too. 

Hot off the Press...

A screen printing press that is! Here I have an older Hopkins 4-head screen printing press, which means I can print up to 4 articles of clothing at a time and print 4 different colors. As you can see I work outside because the press is not small. All of my storage for screen printing materials is in the shed. 


Portrait Station

Right now there isn't really anything special about my painting/ drawing area. I enjoy my cubbies for easy access/ storage for different projects and materials. I always have a Netflix series rolling to keep me company. I am looking into getting better lighting to photograph and make videos of my process. Share your lighting ideas with me! 

As you can see, I also take my painting on the road! Here I am painting at a craft fair I attended. I can not wait to do more LIVE painting at shows. This is just another way I am able to connect with people/ clients. Everyone can also see that all my paintings are HAND PAINTED by me!

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 9.54.13 PM.png

Let's Get Messy!

You may be thinking, wait I just saw this station! And yes, you are correct. Right now I work at the same station for portraits as I do for ceramics. Not the ideal situation as I am constantly cleaning, rearranging, working and repeating that process, but it's still my comfort space. The glass surface is easy to clean too, so that's a plus. 

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