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Pet Portrait Stickers for Previous Pet Portrait Customers

  • **Before ordering- email the name and an image of your pet portrait done by Kylie Faison so Kylie can make sure she has your pet portrait scanned/saved.**

    This listing is for customers who have previously orders a watercolor or acrylic pet portrait and want their pet portrait turned into stickers.

    Stickers are approximately 2.3 inches.

    Vinyl sticker are made with high quality, durable laminate that protects from scratches, water and harmful UV rays. 

    *DO NOT purchase this listing if you have not previously purchased a watercolor/acrylic pet portrait.

    *DO purchase if you have previously purchased a watercolor/acrylic pet portrait OR puchase this as an add on when you purchase a watercolor/acrylic pet portrait.  

  • There are no refunds or exchanges for this product. 

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